Fishing & Friendship

Having grown up on the coast, and having an avid fisherman as a father, I began fishing at an early age, (even succeeding at times, as you might recall). I found and still find fishing to be awesome. It’s a great way to take it easy, reflect, spend time with friends/family, relax, and get some sun. On one particularly memorable day of nannying I took Mr. Man and Big Cat fishing at Town Lake, picking up their grandpa on the way to add some family fun to our idyllic day. The boys were so excited, not catching anything, but just enjoying being out on the dock, lines in the lake, finding fishing to be fun!

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Oh the Places Y’all’ll Go!: Exuma, Bahamas

Exciting new sporadic series: OH THE PLACES Y’ALL’LL GO!

Though the life of a Supernanny may not afford me the same standard benefits of other jobs such as insurance, PTO, etc., it more than makes up for it in the invaluable advantage of making my own hours. Because my fiancé “Mr. Luke” is only home six months out of the year (he works one month on, one month off) we make the most of his time home (spending weekends together and when possible taking trips ranging anywhere from a weekend to two full weeks). For my nannying schedule this means that every other month (when Luke is offshore) my schedule is jam-packed while I try to work as many hours as possible and fill the families’ times of need and then some: working weekends, overnights, 16 hour days going to up to 4 different homes; the alternating months (when Luke is home) I tone the workload down to a respectable 40 hours per week and take weekends off to be with my man, family, friends, and then some vacation time. Read the rest of this entry »

Bite Me!…No, Wait! Don’t!

Edward Cullen of Twilight. You’re welcome, moms.

I understand the long-standing allure of the vampire as a mythical creature (I’m a huge fan of Anne Rice), and the resurgence of vampires in pop culture by way of literary franchises such as Twilight and True Blood (both the brainchilds of female authors, gotta love that!), comes as no surprise to me. It’s an attractive premise-the idea of immortality, strength, power, passion, and the lifestyle it affords: late nights, sleeping the day away, no grocery shopping -hey, being a vampire sounds good to me! However, there is one aspect of the vampire legend that gives me major pause (pause, Team Jacob, not paws) and that is the whole biting part. As a Supernanny, one of the issues I run into occasionally is kiddos “turning” into biters. Now, it’s my duty to break them of this habit during my time with them, hopefully preventing it from happening in my absence. Read the rest of this entry »

A Matter of Manners

Having grown up in a household where manners were next to godliness, I am constantly trying ingratiate manners into the habits and behaviors of my young charges. Manners, when introduced and reinforced become second nature, a reflex. It’s important to get those pleases and thank yous started early. It’s not about impressing people, it’s about raising conscientious children who will be considerate friends and partners to people in the future. First impressions are lasting ones. No one ever complained about a child being too polite. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Dance!

Hand in hand with singing, as part of my nannying repertoire, is dancing. I love to dance, always have, always will. It is a great outlet for energy and a wonderful way to bond with the kiddos. In some ways nannying is a lot like dancing. Supernannies leave stage fright at the door, as do dancers; people who are inexperienced with children have the same pained facial expressions and awkwardness as someone who doesn’t know how to dance. Supernannies just go with the music, and no matter the moves, feel natural. Confidence is king in nannying, just like on the dance floor. Read the rest of this entry »