Fussy vs. Psycho

So much of nannying is getting to know the kiddos like the back of my hand; knowing their habits, understanding their personalities. This all comes with time spent with them, and of course, by speaking with their folks, who know them better than anyone. One of the most winning of wisdoms is when a caregiver can decipher the degrees of despair in a kiddo’s crying. Or, as I like to gauge it: Fuss Crying or Psycho Crying. Read the rest of this entry »

¡El Fuego!

Introducing El Fuego!

My newest addition to Y’all Behave is my ridiculously adorable Godson, El Fuego. (Y’all may recall my reference to him in connection with an original song I penned in his honor.) I’ve begun watching him on a weekly nannying basis, plus the precious (though never enough!) Godmother/Godson time with him on the side! El Fuego is very aptly named; his fiery red hair alone begs a nickname of scorching proportions, and his need for speed is insatiable at only a few months of age! Read the rest of this entry »

You Can Count On Me!

If memory serves, my first several years of nannying, or babysitting rather, between the age of 11 and 18, were filled with mistakes. Not having yet developed the valuable skill of time management I was tardy at times(most times), irresponsible simply by inexperience and immaturity (driving kiddos without parental permission. AHHH!!!!!!), and generally clueless, finding my way as a caregiver. When you’re a teenager you have little to no common sense and are still learning to take care of yourself, let alone others. However, I have always had the best intentions, and tried very hard to be helpful and fun. I eventually hit my stride, able to take four kiddos (ranging in age from infant to school age) to and from the pool, and out running errands during the day for one week (Y’all may recall M1,M2,& M3,and M4.)! This achievement was actually my foot in the Austin nannying door; upon hearing I was capable of wrangling four kiddos, for five days, the  Austin mamas knew I was the real McCoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Supernanny Icon: Jessa Johansson

Jessa Johansson

Now, today’s series spotlight choice, Jessa Johansson, may come as a surprise to any of y’all who are familiar with this character on HBO’s Girls. Jessa (played by the luminous Jemima Kirke) is unreliable, curses, loses the kiddos at one point, and ends up having an inappropriate flirtation with the father of her charges (I won’t even get into the debauchery of her off-duty shenanigans, though if you’re a fan of the show, you already well know!). So, no, she is not an obvious candidate for Supernanny Icon status, (In all honesty, she’s not even someone I would refer as a nannying contact.) but hear me out, as there are traits of hers that I find to be: at the most admirable, and at the least amusing. Read the rest of this entry »

Blind Spots

Drivers have blind spots, generally located in the rear right and rear left of the vehicle. These areas make it difficult for even the best drivers to confidently make moves without an over-the-shoulder confirmation. Nannies, even super ones, have disciplinary blind spots, located in certain households, and in the shape of specific kiddos. Even the most experienced Supernanny will encounter a child/ren who make it impossible to impose discipline. There is no rhyme or reason for the assignment of a disciplinary blind spot, no criteria except the intangible power certain kiddos possess over the nannies who love them. Read the rest of this entry »

Tipsy, or Tiny? Part II

In addition to nudity, loose lips, and lack of motor skills, the like tendencies of drunkards and kiddos extend to both 1) what will snap them into sobriety/good behavior, and 2) what will calm them in a storm (whether the storm be separation anxiety or too many shots). Read the rest of this entry »

Oh the Places Y’all’ll Go!: Paris, France

As a Supernanny I’m always encouraging the kiddos to be open to making new friends, and the parents to socialize the kiddos often, and in fun ways. I set up play dates for Mr. Man and Big Cat, taking them to the park to meet classmates, or spending an afternoon at the house of a pal. I would call up the parents and make it happen! Sometimes my nannying schedule calls for the combining of two families together on random days for a few hours. Many of the families are friends so the kiddos know each other, and if not it provides an opportunity for the kiddos to meet, and spend some time together. I recently combined Princess and Captain Awesome with Doc and Rebel for a fun morning spent with Princess and Doc drawing pictures for each other, while Rebel and Captain Awesome held a full-on gibberish conversation in the playhouse, at snack time all sitting together eating and enjoying each other’s company; truly a great day. (It is worth noting that the next day, Doc asked his dad to make his pancake in the shape of Princess’s name.) Read the rest of this entry »