Cast of Kiddos

For quick reference, here are some tidbits about the little characters in this blog:

Doc (nanny since 2.5, now 5): Eloquent, sensitive, adventurous, precocious, bright, active, curious, loving. Loves puzzles, projects, outings, desserts, his baby brother Rebel, animals.

Rebel (nanny since 4 months, now 3): Mischievous, confident, sweet, expressive, happy, charming. Loves music, dancing, being outside, dump trucks, putting things in his mouth, being held.

Boss Lady (nanny since 1.5, now 3): Sweet, loving, hilarious, decisive, quite the spitfire. Loves dancing, cooking, going for long walks, animals, bugs, hugging.

El Fuego (nanny since 4 weeks old): Active, sweet, observant, chatty, hungry, sleepy. Loves to laugh, cuddle, be outside, look at light fixtures.

Mr. Man (nannying charge from age 2.5 to 8.5): Intelligent, extremely coordinated, quippy, sharp, focused, sensitive, inquisitive, earnest. Loves reading, sports, math, & martial arts.

Big Cat (nannying charge from 8 months old to 6y, 9 months): Funny, positive, insightful, empathetic, a daydreamer, an out-of-the-box thinker, affectionate. Loves reading, music, animals, insects, writing.

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