Oh the Places Y’all’ll Go: Park City, Utah


A recent ski trip to Park City, Utah ended up being a few days filled with nannying wisdom! Snow skiing is a sport a gal from south Texas would not ordinarily be exposed to, except that in Miss Cheryl’s case my family went skiing several years during childhood, then in high school I took a few trips with my youth group, and in college took a couple of trips with friends and family. Still, by this year it had been at least six years since I last stepped on the slopes. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it all came back to me; just like riding a bike! Instead of relearning how to ski I was free to reflect on the many parallels between life and…well, paralleling on skis! Read the rest of this entry »

Oh the Places Y’all’ll Go!: Paris, France

As a Supernanny I’m always encouraging the kiddos to be open to making new friends, and the parents to socialize the kiddos often, and in fun ways. I set up play dates for Mr. Man and Big Cat, taking them to the park to meet classmates, or spending an afternoon at the house of a pal. I would call up the parents and make it happen! Sometimes my nannying schedule calls for the combining of two families together on random days for a few hours. Many of the families are friends so the kiddos know each other, and if not it provides an opportunity for the kiddos to meet, and spend some time together. I recently combined Princess and Captain Awesome with Doc and Rebel for a fun morning spent with Princess and Doc drawing pictures for each other, while Rebel and Captain Awesome held a full-on gibberish conversation in the playhouse, at snack time all sitting together eating and enjoying each other’s company; truly a great day. (It is worth noting that the next day, Doc asked his dad to make his pancake in the shape of Princess’s name.) Read the rest of this entry »

Oh the Places Y’all’ll Go!: Exuma, Bahamas

Exciting new sporadic series: OH THE PLACES Y’ALL’LL GO!

Though the life of a Supernanny may not afford me the same standard benefits of other jobs such as insurance, PTO, etc., it more than makes up for it in the invaluable advantage of making my own hours. Because my fiancé “Mr. Luke” is only home six months out of the year (he works one month on, one month off) we make the most of his time home (spending weekends together and when possible taking trips ranging anywhere from a weekend to two full weeks). For my nannying schedule this means that every other month (when Luke is offshore) my schedule is jam-packed while I try to work as many hours as possible and fill the families’ times of need and then some: working weekends, overnights, 16 hour days going to up to 4 different homes; the alternating months (when Luke is home) I tone the workload down to a respectable 40 hours per week and take weekends off to be with my man, family, friends, and then some vacation time. Read the rest of this entry »