Get Some Rest, Y’all!


Well, y’all I am back! After a major hiatus from writing, a plunge into a super-fulfilling nanny schedule for 2 years, and the birth of my son last year, I am excited to announce my sleep training and night nannying business! My 11 years of professional nannying included sleep-training infants, working through napping snafus in toddlers, and solving sleep issues in older kiddos. I also completed the sleep training of my son, who has slept 12 hours per night since just shy of 4 months, he just turned one year old. Over the summer I sleep trained two infants via phone, in 3 nights or less. And so, with my degree in Psychology (with a minor in Family and Child Development), nannying, sleep training, and new mama experience, I am excited to open my business to any/all who would be interested in a quality night’s sleep for parents and baby! Below I have outlined a list of services and prices to maximize my time, and your moolah. Hope to hear from and help y’all out soon!


In-Home Sleep Training Consultation 1 Hour + Custom Sleep Plan $175

This includes a full rundown of any changes to baby’s environment that will help us, including a recommended products list. It will let me get to know your family’s needs, routine, baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule, and determine how best to proceed with your custom sleep plan. I will then create your custom sleep plan and send via email.


In-Home Sleep Training 8-12 hours/1-3 nights $25 per hour

I will come to your home, stay overnight, and put sleep training plan into practice. From then on, the parents will be in charge of keeping up with routine I have set in place and being consistent.


Phone Consultation + Custom Sleep Plan (for Long-Distance clientele) 1 hour $150

This includes a discussion of your current nursery environment, routine, family’s needs, baby’s current feeding and sleeping schedule, so I can better determine a custom course of action. I will create your custom sleep plan and send via email.


Sleep Training On-Call,

1 night unlimited texts and calls $150

3 night package unlimited texts & calls $350

I am just a text or phone call away, troubleshooting any issues that arise and giving support, encouragement, and advice on the spot.


Night Nanny In-Home Consultation 1 hour $50

I will come to your home, get to know your routine, location of necessary items, meet your baby, and discuss exactly what your needs are. Nursing on demand? I will bring your baby to your bedside. Bottles all the way? I will take over all feeding duties. We will discuss it all; I am here to help!


Night Nanny Services 8-12 hours/ 1-3 nights $30 per hour

While you sleep I will tend to your infant’s every need, feed, and all with my trademark care!


Email Cheryl Milan for availability & payment info!


“Cheryl fully understands the difficulties of a baby who isn’t sleeping enough. Her knowledge, love, and care is evident (even over the phone from another state) and effective. In just a few nights my daughter went from waking up 2-3 times per night to sleeping 11 hours straight!! Cheryl gave great ideas and continuous encouragement along the way.” – Jenny T. Orlando, Florida

“Cheryl’s sleep training worked like a charm! After a phone consultation, Cheryl, with her vast experience and understanding of babies and children, was able to give us a plan of attack. She maintained constant communication throughout the process, following up and even encouragement. After a short three days, our 4 month-old went from waking and eating two to three times a night to sleeping through the night…much to the delight of Mom and Dad!” -Leslie O. San Antonio, TX 

“After we welcomed our third child it became clear that our family’s schedule was going to drastically shift. With two older children in preschool and endless after school activities, etc. Mila, 3, was missing that predictable nap schedule and so was I! After speaking to Cheryl about my concerns she suggested some small changes I could make to reintroduce nap time. I have to say, I was reluctant, but after a few days my girl is back to taking an afternoon nap. She hasn’t done that since she was 1.5! I’m so grateful to Cheryl for a little bit of mommy time and a rested, happy girl!” -Sarah N. Austin, TX

“Mrs. Cheryl was our true Supernanny!  She was a valuable and integral part of our family for many years and helped us not only with sleep training, but many other child development issues, as well.  Her wealth of experience and knowledge in child development make her the perfect Supernanny/Sleep Trainer for any family.” -Crickett B. Austin, TX

“Cheryl came into our lives almost 7 years ago, when my first daughter was born. I was a nervous first-time mom, but Cheryl’s warm personality and extensive experience quickly eased any anxiety I had. She helped us in so many ways- our baby’s playtimes, mealtimes, and sleeping schedule. I can’t recommend Cheryl enough! She is truly a professional with kids of all ages, and our children love her as much as we do.” -Kendra & Jacob Y. Fairfield, TX