About Miss Cheryl

Founded May 2012

Howdy there! Miss Cheryl here. Welcome to Y’all Behave! It has long been a goal of mine to put into words the many hilarious moments, touching times, and rugrat-wrangling wisdom that I have accumulated in six years as a full-time nanny, and over 17 years of childcare experience. I hope you find this blog entertaining and helpful!

I dedicate this blog to my parents, Charlie and Terri Franck, who with patience, humor, understanding, and unconditional love, gave me the perfect childhood, and the ability to face all that lay beyond. I love you both so very much and am so thankful to be your child.

4 Comments on “About Miss Cheryl”

  1. Alice Nixon says:

    Cheryl, your blog is simply delightful!! I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures.
    Love, Alice

  2. CTM says:

    Your blog is very insightful and delightful. I live in Abu Dhabi and a friend just sent me your link. I love the advise……..I wish my Fillipino nanny could read English!:)

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