“Reframing” the Rain

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“R” is for “Reframing”!

      A shiny pearl of wisdom directly from The Danish Way of Parenting,reframing” is the order of the day. Whether you’re housebound by illness, shelter-in-place, or weather itself, changing the way we think and speak about our present situation can create a new, more pleasant one. Reframing, defined by Jessica Joelle Alexander & Iben Dissing Sandahl as, “using language to create a perception shift,”  is the practice, and eventual skill of shining positivity on seemingly negative spaces. Philosophical, surely, but practical too. Y’all don’t have to be Pollyanna to engage meaningfully in reframing! Simple tweaks to your approach to situations, and especially how you explain them to kiddos is what reframing is all about. In my nannying days, this was incredibly relevant, and I found that reframing came naturally to me, because I always wanted to set an optimistic atmosphere for my charges. Now, as a mama I want it to be a quality I pass on to my child. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Practice Hygge while we Hunker Down

Now that we are all practicing “Social Distancing”, a term that will become synonymous with paranoia, uncertainty, solidarity, and a slower pace of life, there seems no better time to become more familiar with the beloved practice of Hygge. The Danish people, world-renown for their statistically consistent happiness, follow this tradition, and in these unsettling and stressful times, I don’t know about y’all, but I am looking to the experts. I became fascinated with Denmark when I was 8 years old and saw a photo of the Little Mermaid statue (Den Lille Havfrue) by the shore in Copenhagen. As fate would have it, I met, and married, a sailor who works for a Danish company, its headquarters located a stone’s throw from her beatific gaze. After my husband traveled to Copenhagen for work, we spent several vacations there, charmed by the beauty and culture of the city, and even more so, by the attitudes and energy of its people. Read the rest of this entry »