Right Round

As a Supernanny, I am privileged to be privy to many kiddos’ first brushes with intoxication. No, I don’t rub whiskey on their gums, I mean the intoxicating activity of spinning. I remember spinning, of any kind, being my activity of choice when I was a child. Whether I was on a tire swing, a merry-go-round at the park, or just holding hands with a friend/parent and whirling around, I loved the rush of adrenaline, the exhilaration of this seemingly simple activity. My most common mode of spin was individual spiraling. I was constantly solo spinning in my room, our home, or our yard. For some reason when my sister, brother and I would spin together (but separately), we would always say, “Watch out for the Gob-lins! Watch Out for the Gob-lins!” I have no idea where this saying came from(guessing it was J.R.R. Tolkien or the movie Labyrinth related-NERD ALERT!), but we all remember it was on the tips of our turning tongues. I loved when my mama or dad would take me by the hands or pick me up and twirl me around. It felt like I was in orbit, independent of the world standing still. SO AWESOME!

When spins were too physically exhausting I would put on my mama’s prescription glasses and wander around my house. The spectacles, intended to provide optimal optics for Mama, provided quite the psychedelic experience for me. Floors warped into hills, walls caved in or bubbled out, my whole home turned into a funhouse of carnival concaves, and circus convexes! After a few turns about the house I would eventually take them off, close my eyes, shake my head, blink my eyes open, and everything was as it was. It was like I was back from a trip through the looking glass! What can I say? I may have read Alice and Wonderland too many times.

Just as you wring the water out of a washcloth, you can spin the blues out of a child. When Mr. Man and Big Cat had a particularly rough, or just an emotional day, as long as their food was settled (and believe me, this is key!), I would let them take turns on the Tilt-a-Nanny and get them giggling, smiling, and happy again. Doc and Rebel are quite keen on being taken for a spin on the Miss-Cheryl-Go-Round as well, and I spend many an afternoon administering spins, alternating between them, unable to fully focus my vision, hearing only giggles and “Again!” It’s hilarious spinning Doc around then holding him up as he attempts to walk a straight line. I always say, “Doc, come on just walk to the couch! What, are ya dizzy or something?” as we both giggle, diagonally making our way across the room to a safely out of range spot where he can play audience to Rebel’s turn. Rebel’s eyes post-spin are just like a dizzy dude in a looney tunes cartoon! So so funny!  I love playing spin doctor to these two princes! Just as with many instances of nannying, spinning the kiddos around let’s me relive something I used to love, love, love in my childhood. Though now when I put on my prescription glasses…I can just see clearly.

2 Comments on “Right Round”

  1. Aspen says:

    Love it!

  2. […] They went down the slide, they threw the ball, they played in their rockbox, and, of course, took turns spinning on Miss Cheryl. It was only when their mama called to tell me she was on the way home that I realized we had been […]

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