What’s in My Bag?

Just as any executive has her briefcase, skilled worker has her toolbox, or doctor has her kit, so does every true Supernanny have her ubiquitous “nannying bag”. My “nannying bag” has taken many forms. I usually have to replace it every 8 months, as the weight of its contents destroys even the most heavy-duty satchel. My “nannying bag” is the Robin to my Batman, the Sundance to my Butch, the Louise to my Thelma! Without it I am unprepared, ill-equipped, and naked of necessities. Whether it’s providing personal property, emergency items, or portable entertainment, my “nannying bag” completes me! Besides my personal effects: wallet, sunglasses, etc. here’s what’s in my bag!

  • Tissues: From runny noses, to RUNNY NOSES, to small spills, I make it a point to have tissues at the ready. Always employing my Dad’s go-to one-liner when asked by a kiddo for a tissue, “Tissue, I hardly know you!”
  • Neutrogena Grapefruit Freshening Wipes: Working 16 hours days at multiple houses, being outside, chasing the kiddos, carrying the kiddos, loading the kiddos in and out of car/house can make a nanny break a sweat-especially in the Austin heat! It’s nice to run a wipe across my face and neck and feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to nanny!
  • Portable Sewing Kit: You never know when this might come in handy. A snagged shirt pocket on the way to picture day at school, a split pants seam, or just an impromptu Cat’s Cradle tutorial- can’t go wrong having thread, needle, and scissors on hand.
  • Toiletries: Some days I go from house to house, morning becomes afternoon, becomes evening, and I’ll be darned if I don’t have freshly brushed teeth! I occasionally do overnight jobs as well and it’s nice to have  my favorite shower stuff/deodorant etc.
  • Kiddo First Aid: Bandaids and Neosporin are must haves when you’re a nanny on the go with kiddos in tow. You never know when an accident may give way to an injury and it’s Supernannily important to be prepared to doctor any wounds.
  • Diapers and Wipes: Although I fancy that I could MacGyver a diaper out of Kleenex and bandaids, I’d just as soon have the real deal on hand in case a diaper change is needed.
  • iPad: Used primarily for Pandora, I also use my iPad to research questions even I, Supernanny, cannot answer, and to entertain the kiddos further including letting them watch short videos in high-bore environments like waiting rooms.
  • Slippers: I like to feel at home in the houses I nanny, just as I’m sure the mamas would rather I not track in all the dirty from my day on my sneakers. So I bring a pair of slip-on slippers to save my socks, and for general glide-ability.
  • Wet Ones: This invention has saved my nanny life! There are some messes, with the kiddos usually self-inflicted, a dry towel/tissue just cannot clean. Plus in lieu of a sink it’s a quick way to clean the kiddos’ hands before/after eating, etc.
  • Coffee!: My portable French press is awesome when I need coffee(always) but don’t have time in the morning to brew it. I just pop coffee grounds in, then boil water and steep it at my nannying gig! A caffeinated nanny is a happy nanny!
  • Tank Top for Miss Cheryl: Being ¼ Peruvian on my mama’s side, I tan very easily and very quickly. Great news for me on vacay, bad news for me in the sun all day getting a wicked T-shirt tan. A quick change and I keep my shoulders sun-kissed, not to mention cool in the often sweltering outdoors.
  • Water & Snacks: Though I run a tight ship schedule-wise, the kiddos’ appetites are out of my control, and often quite temperamental. Therefore, I keep hydration options and healthy wrapped snacks on hand to quell thirsts but not make tummies burst!
  • Change of Clothes: Like I said, diapers are the least of my worries. Stains too myriad to mention threaten my wardrobe on the daily, so it behooves me to have an alternate ensemble pret-a-porter!
  • Sunscreen/SPF Chapstick: Down in Texas, the skies can go from grays to golden rays, before y’all can say, “sunburn!” Keeping the kiddos safe in the sun is a top priority especially in summer(in Austin that means April-October).
  • Books/Toys: I let the kiddos bring a couple of small toys or a few books if I know we’ll be running an errand that may call for entertainment, or if I know they’ll be in the car for a stretched spell.
  • My Day Planner: Coordinating with families is a task I pride myself on doing well, always making sure the schedule is set, correct, locked and loaded. I’m a very visual person so it helps to look at upcoming weeks with my jobs right there in multicolored pen. I always have it on me in case a mama and I need to triple check a date.
  • An Umbrella: This comes in handy as protection from downpours and shade from beating sun. Plus it makes me look sooooo Mary Poppins! 😉

So there you have it, I’ve spilled the contents of my bag! No matter how groggy I am rolling out of bed in the morning, I always pack and grab my nannying bag. It is my lifeline. I couldn’t do without my literal bag of tricks!

For a visual education of all things Miss Cheryl, follow Y’all Behave on Pinterest!

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