As my 100th Y’all Behave post approached, I began to think of all the 100s in my nannying life. So many things seem either few and far between, or incalculable, but then others approach that round number with almost complete accuracy. For example, when Rebel for a period of weeks, and for whatever reason, requested, “Hundred kisses please,” after every smooch. Or when Doc asked me, “Cheryl, how heavy are you? Like 100 pounds?” to which I of course replied, “Yes honey, if anyone asks, Miss Cheryl is 100 pounds.”

It extends to my hours, and the weeks I worked upwards of 100 hours, taking on overnights in addition to my normally scheduled programming. 100 is an underestimation on times a day I wash my hands during flu season, or when one of the kiddos have a bug of some kind, or the number of words of positive encouragement I say to any kiddo in need of them. When I know a kiddo is going through a tough time, and as a result is misbehaving and acting out, I count to ten before approaching or speaking, making sure I have time to gather my patience and to give them a chance to calm down. (I usually end up having to count down no less than ten times in a day=100.) When coaxing an infant to sleep by walking them around their room, I take no less than 100 laps depending on the kiddo in question. Back rubs rack up into the three digits as well for kiddos having trouble napping or sleeping. 100 is also the temperature Austin reaches, and most days exceeds, at least a1/3 of my nannying year.

Over the years I’ve incurred hundreds of bruises, hundreds of cuts and scrapes, hundreds of headaches, hundreds of stubbed toes, while in the service of childcare. But on the flipside I’ve racked up hundreds upon hundreds of, “I love you”s, hundreds upon hundreds of hugs and kisses from kiddos, and sincere and sweet “Thank you”s from mamas.

But the most important 100 is that each day I’m 100% committed, 100% dedicated, and 100% happy to be a Supernanny. Though of course there are days when I wish for 100 years of solitude, but a good night’s sleep and a quick rebooting revives me, and I swiftly remember that I love this job very much. I get in my car every morning, ready to take on the day, knowing that when it comes to being a Supernanny, even if the numbers don’t always add up, I’ve gotta give it 100%.

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  1. Robin perlmutter says:


  2. Aspen says:

    Love it! And we love you so much!

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