A GOOD PLACE TO START SERIES: Last Stop On Market Street

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🚎 A GOOD PLACE TO START SERIES 🚎 returns with Last Stop on Market Street, written by Matt De La Peña,  illustrated by Christian Robinson. This vibrant story chronicles a (Sun)day in the life of CJ and his Nana. We follow them from church, to their bus ride with old friends, and new friends, to volunteering at a soup kitchen. All along the way CJ asks questions to which his Nana gives real, honest, good humored answers. All too often parents/caregivers are too rushed or stressed to see children’s questions as an opportunity for conversations. Nana does NOT miss an opportunity to offer insight and imagination to her grandson. I love that, y’all.

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CJ & Nana meet characters from many walks of life on their short journey and are open to making new friends, if only for a bus ride. My kiddo’s favorite part is when the man with the guitar on the bus plays a song and CJ, Nana, and a blind man(and his dog) all close their eyes to listen.
The book includes a black child protagonist plus a diverse cast of supporting characters, and emphasizes community, charity, and communication between generations. It’s wonderful that a simple story may be written in a way that teaches the reader so much about the golden rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. Something we should all remember, especially now, y’all. Pick up a curbside copy from @bookpeople if you’re local or refer to my ⬛️ post for list of black-owned bookstores- many are online/ship!
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