¡El Fuego!

Introducing El Fuego!

My newest addition to Y’all Behave is my ridiculously adorable Godson, El Fuego. (Y’all may recall my reference to him in connection with an original song I penned in his honor.) I’ve begun watching him on a weekly nannying basis, plus the precious (though never enough!) Godmother/Godson time with him on the side! El Fuego is very aptly named; his fiery red hair alone begs a nickname of scorching proportions, and his need for speed is insatiable at only a few months of age!
He always wants to be on the go, and as his development, though advanced in my opinion (I’m sure in no way colored by my Fairy Godmother status), prevents him from steering the helm of his daily activities, it is it up to his caregivers to keep up with him. He’ll let you know if you need to hurry things up! His mama, Mal and I recently took him for a walk around Town Lake. When we kept the pace at a walk, El Fuego would fuss disapprovingly from time to time, but when Mal increased her pace from walking to jogging, (by technique alone, not upping her actual fastness; I didn’t vary my speed at all, side by side with her.) El Fuego tacitly approved, growing quiet, looking content. He always wants you to be giving it your all, a personal trainer in the making! (Following in his mama’s footsteps!)

Chillaxin’ with El Fuego, note the matching 8 mile hoodies:)

Though El Fuego is a thrill seeker, he is also a world-class snuggler, his playlists range from Beatles during activity time to Claude Debussy for bottle and slumber. He certainly knows how to take it easy, and loves to be rocked to sleep.
El Fuego’s code name references, too, his increased body temperature. The child perspires 24/7! It’s as if he’s engaging in an extreme sport at all times! He is one hot little tamale! Even when it’s cold outside, he works up a sweat. Always on the go, even in his Ergo!
El Fuego is also not one to be left behind, and loves going everywhere with his folks whether it be an art museum event, trip to the store, or recently Luke and I’s Halloween party. El Fuego not only showed up, and stayed late, but came in costume, and was quite the little conversation starter!

The Spartan Family!

Even as an infant, his fiery personality is present; and his need for speed belies an ambition, his action-packed personality an adventurous spirit. And as both of his parents are rock-climbing, race-winning, nature-loving, world-shaking forces of nature themselves, would I expect anything less than a child of elemental quality? Absolutely not, and lucky for them, I love playing with fire!

“Put your dukes up!” -Fighting El Fuego

2 Comments on “¡El Fuego!”

  1. Mama de el fuego says:

    Love, LOVE his debut description!!

  2. […] While spending my first mornings with El Fuego, there were times when despite a clean diaper, being freshly fed, and having just rested, he was just beside himself. Following El Fuego’s folks’ and “G Mom’s” lead, I took him outside for a walkabout, despite the heat and humidity. As soon as we stepped through the doorway to the outside, his crying subsided, his eyes opened wide, his little body relaxed. (Even his fiery red hair seemed to take on a less raging red and a more relaxed ruby.) In babies, the positive change in attitude once outside is instantaneous and  pronounced. […]

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