How to Keep Your Supernanny

Ok y’all, so you roped yourself a Supernanny! Congratulations! Your kiddos will be in amazing hands when you can’t be there, they will always cherish their times and memories with her, and will be given more than ample attention and barrels of love. Your Supernanny will keep your kiddos happy, keep your household running smoothly, and be a source of support and love in your family’s life. Now how do you keep her in your kiddo corral? Simple, just treat her with the same respect, professionalism, and care as she gives you.

Here is some darn-tootin’ truth-tellin’ on how to keep your Supernanny! This post is one that I felt very compelled to write having seen so much of the material available all from the client’s point of view. When I was first thinking about writing this blog, several years ago, anytime I googled “nannying,” “appropriate pay for nannies,” “professionalism with nannies,” “how to treat your nanny,”etc. or conducted research about the nanny workplace, most of the information was skewed to a perspective not in the interest of the nannies. One particularly incensing article entitled How to Hire A Nanny Who Won’t Hit on Your Spouse, portrays nannies−not as reliable childcare and an extended family member (which they are)−and more like wanton women hell bent on destroying marriages. Look, it was Jude Law and that was 8 years ago! How long must true Supernannies be subjected to this stereotype? The lack of information available from the Supernanny’s P.O.V. is one of the many reasons I created Y’all Behave. I wanted to sprinkle in real, concrete, important information about how to treat your nanny—both professionally and personally—within all the fun and fancy of nannyhood itself. I think it’s important (and valid) for Supernannies to recognize their worth, and to choose and commit to families who value them as well. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Rope a Supernanny

One of the questions I am almost always asked when people hear what I do for a living is, “How do you find nannying positions? Do you go through a service or advertise?” The answer to both is no. I have met all of the families I have nannied through referrals, through friends and family, or through happenstance. In fact, I once met a future nannying client at the park when I saved her son from falling off a playscape. I know there are websites dedicated to helping place nannies with families (even nanny/mommy mixers!), and in my experience I would encourage meeting potential nannies through friends and family. The best way to snag a Supernanny is to, of course, be up front about hours you’re looking for, your expectations, and offer a competitive wage(Sad to say that in this article it seems Austin, Texas really skimps on its nannies-for shame, y’all!). Do your due diligence when researching appropriate pay for your nannies. Be sure to take education, years of experience, and cost of living in your specific city into account. Read the rest of this entry »