Playing Dumb

As a lifelong (and thus far natural) blonde, I have worked hard to dispel the stereotype that all blondes are dumb. And despite the rare  (ok full disclosure, occasional) “Duh” moment, I believe that I do my part in elevating the perceived intelligence of my hair color. However, as a lady might with any job, I pick my moment to cash in my dumb card. How and when I choose to play dumb depends on the charge at hand. Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s the Boss Lady?

“She will be mine- oh yes, she will be mine.”
Just as Mike Myers (of Wayne’s World fame) made this phrase unforgettable, so does it apply to one kiddo of mine in particular, Boss Lady. For the most part I have nannied for children who respond almost immediately to me- the vast majority do. With my cheerful attitude, and penchant for play, you’d be hard-pressed to find a child I can’t charm. So when a child doesn’t instantly bond with me, I don’t find it discouraging, I accept the challenge.
Part of the reason I have had little to no resistance in the Love-of-Miss-Cheryl department, is that I have had almost exclusively male charges. Out of over a dozen families I have nannied for, almost all have been boys. This has amazing advantages because- for lack of any other way to describe it- little dudes dig me. They recognize that, like them, I’m up for anything, I love being outside, and I horse around. On the flipside, when there is a girl thrown in the mix, it is an unexpected treat, and a true chance to hone my female-bonding skills. Read the rest of this entry »