It’s All In The Details


Most of being a good nanny is making sure everything is done: the children are safe, rested, fed, all needs met. But to be a true Supernanny, the skill is in the details: making that extra effort and noticing areas of special needs in each child/family. When parents have very young children who can’t report to them, I am sure to write down the details of the day (think The {Insert Name} Report, a {So-and-So} Gazette) detailing when they were fed, what they ate and how well, any medicine they took, what games we played, when they napped/slept, their happiness level throughout the day, new developments (i.e. new words), and/or advances in motor skills. The same goes for when I do an overnight or weekend job; I write up a {Lucky Child/ren} & Miss Cheryl’s Weekend of Fun} record. Doing so a) helps me to keep track of everything at the time of, and b) serves as a great way to keep the parents in the loop on their children’s activities, meals, etc.

It’s hard being away from Mom and Dad, especially overnight, so I try to ease the transition. At bath time, shaving cream/soap bubble muscles, wigs, and boobs is the most fun ever, and my little charges inadvertently get squeaky clean!  (After my thorough job I imagine the parents dressing the child the next morning and gasping in delight, “She even cleaned behind her ears!”) One two year-old charge in particular, Boss Lady loves her some Lady Gaga Pandora Radio, so I prop my iPad on her little table and we have Lady Gaga dance parties, Lady Gaga dinners—even Lady Gaga bath time (I’d wear a Lady Gaga meat dress to avoid a flash of the Terrible Twos!). Just before lights out, some kiddos are usually read two books, so I do four as a treat. Double books are a Miss Cheryl signature.

Part of being a supernanny is caring for the parents at times. It’s often difficult for the parents to leave their child/ren for any amount of time, but especially in the evenings. Even though the kids love me, I’m no mom or dad, and sometimes they cry and carry on, especially little baby wailers. I always wait until they are nice and calm (usually the crocodile tears dry up in about five minutes) and send a picture of them smiling via text to the parents so that they’re not tortured by the parting scene.

As another tip of the hat to Mom and Dad, I always offer to take a picture of couples leaving for a date night. Who knows when was the last time they both got dressed up for a night out? Or had their photo taken, just the two of them? It’s important to celebrate the parents as a couple; after all, their relationship is the foundation of the family. Not to mention that Mom and Dad will be so caught up in the bliss of having a night alone, they’ll forget to capture the moment themselves!

3 Comments on “It’s All In The Details”

  1. Aspen says:

    All right, I need to go ahead and book you full time starting in 2022… ten years from now when I have children. I wouldn’t want anyone else to look after them 🙂

  2. […] to my motto of it’s all in the details, rather than towel-drying the kiddos hair like an ordinary nanny, I prefer to give the kiddos the […]

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