Feelin’ Good Again


For all “boo-boo”s I have kissed and made better, for all the frowns I’ve turned upside-down, and for those cloudy days I’ve brought a bit of sunshine to, there are many moments in my life that have been made better by the kiddos. Nannying, at times, has been the only way a truly terrible day has been made better. Read the rest of this entry »

Separation Anxiety

Being a Supernanny affords me relationships with the kiddos that result in less tears when parents leave than the average caregiver, but by no means wipes them out completely. Even charges I have had for years, who love me, and feel comfortable being left with me for days at a time will have moments when they just don’t want parent/s to go. Sometimes it’s separation anxiety, other times it’s that combined with other factors that make it particularly rough on a child.
When I first started nannying Doc, his Aunt Aspen clued me in that he had been very sensitive to separation from his  Read the rest of this entry »

It’s All In The Details


Most of being a good nanny is making sure everything is done: the children are safe, rested, fed, all needs met. But to be a true Supernanny, the skill is in the details: making that extra effort and noticing areas of special needs in each child/family. When parents have very young children who can’t report to them, I am sure to write down the details of the day (think The {Insert Name} Report, a {So-and-So} Gazette) detailing when they were fed, what they ate and how well, any medicine they took, what games we played, when they napped/slept, their happiness level throughout the day, new developments (i.e. new words), and/or advances in motor skills. The same goes for when I do an overnight or weekend job; I write up a {Lucky Child/ren} & Miss Cheryl’s Weekend of Fun} record. Doing so a) helps me to keep track of everything at the time of, and b) serves as a great way to keep the parents in the loop on their children’s activities, meals, etc.

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Howdy There!

Howdy, y’all! Miss Cheryl here. Welcome to my blog!

Now, as a nanny, I don’t have much time for chit chat so let’s just cut to the chase. My blog will be my sanity saver, story store, and general jumble of not-quite-motherly wisdom. I’m a full-time nanny, living in Austin, Texas. I started babysitting as a pre-teen in Corpus Christi, Texas, then shortly before graduating college (@ Texas State in San Marcos, “Eat ’em Up, Cats!) I got pulled into the nannying game by a random, though turns out, rather serendipitous e-mail from a pal. I started commuting to Austin for nannying jobs, and even after graduating, just kept with it! I’m currently in my 6th year of being a certifiable, Texan Rugrat Wrangler, and I’ve enjoyed every (well, honey let’s be honest, almost every) minute of it.

Now, I’m sure some of you have read, watched, heard of, or  experienced some form of surrogate childcare. You’ve seen the fictitious well-meaning bright eyed young governess, the dependable older au pair. Always in these stories the Nanny is an outsider to a world of wealth, emotional unavailability, and very lonely children. Welp, my experience is a little different! This ain’t no Nanny Diaries, my friend. The families I nanny for are not comprised of shopping/”charity” addicted mothers, absentee fathers, and neglected, unhappy children. Rather, I’m the helping hand to single moms, busy moms, working moms, moms and dads who want to keep the romance by having date nights, etc. and the firm (but always fun) guiding hand to children ranging from infants to school age. I don’t keep my emotions on a shelf, I adore and love all the children I nanny. I love them because they are all wonderful individuals and because I develop a unique and very special bond with each one.

Miss Cheryl