For every SAT vocab word absorbed by Mr. Man and Big Cat that makes me swell with pride, there are ten other Miss Cheryl-isms they and the other kiddos adopt that I don’t count among my most intellectual. Among them are:

“This isn’t ’Nam—there are rules!”(from The Big Lebowski) | Invoked when the kiddos “go nuts” on me (a.k.a. try to jump out of the car without their backpacks, kick off their shoes and leave them in middle of walkway, pull out a snack post-lizard-petting without washing their hands, enter an occupied bathroom without knocking, etc.)

“What do you think this is? Club Med?”  There are times when the kiddos (Mr.Man and Big Cat in particular) suggest outlandish activities or ask ridiculous questions, such as, “Can we skip school and go to the Dinosaur Park?” as if they think one day I’ll just go crazy and say, “Sure! Let’s do it!” I’m pretty sure by now they know, ask a ridiculous question, get a ridiculous answer.

“Totally awesome!” (Well, “totally” in general.) | I blame this on too many viewings of Airborne and the lure of the Valley Girl vernacular.

“Whuzaaaaaaaaap?!” (a la circa early 2000s beer commercials) | Big boys aren’t the only ones who mimic Miss Cheryl; this one is super funny when babies say it (sorry moms)!

“A Little Dab Will Do Ya!” is one I use often in diaper changes, specifically when applying ointment, lotion, creams, or butt paste on the bottoms of babes. It’s also a phrase that Rebel finds most amusing. I squeeze out a dime-sized portion of moisturizing cream, and when I rub my palms together(to warm the lotion up so it’s not cold upon application-Luxury!) I say this phrase in my silly voice but letting the words run together it sounds like, “Alittledab’lldoya!” a la Fred Flintstone’s “YabbaDabbaDO!” and gets a giggle from Rebel every time!

“Turn on some lights in here, what are y’all, Cavechildren?” | Speaking of Flintstones…I make this inquiry whenever I see Mr. Man and Big Cat laboring over drawing or play doh projects at an unlit breakfast room table, or when i walk in and Doc and Rebel are playing with blocks and puzzles in a dim living room. The kiddos, conjuring a picture of tiny Cave people in their imaginations are entertained by the imagery alone, and the little ones can tell from my tone that I’ve made a witty comment.

“What has gotten into…” |Doc is at an age when his vocabulary increases almost daily, and he is always (adorably) espousing various expressions that I use. For example, when Rebel gets fussy, Doc, who is very empathetic, can get worked up too. To defuse this potential bonfire of blithering, I look at Doc conspiratorially and say, “Rebel is being a fuss budget, and we just can’t afford him!” or “What has gotten into Rebel?” Making Doc feel like he is on my team when it comes to rearing Rebel is a big comfort to him, and now instead of tearing up when Rebel starts to cry, Doc will look at me, brow furrowed, and ask “What has gotten into Rebel?”

4 Comments on “Catch-A-Phrase”

  1. Aspen says:

    I’ll keep this in mind. Especially when Rebel starts running from imaginary lobsters that are under the couch…. allegedly.

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