Catch-A-Phrase Reloaded

In addition to the aforementioned phrases caught by kiddos, here are a few more Miss Cheryl-isms:


“Hey look who I found in the crib! He/she says his/her name is ______, can we keep him/her?”  I use this one almost daily with Doc and Rebel. Doc and I have quality time (reading, talking, playing) until Rebel wakes up from his nap. When he does, Doc watches on the monitor as I get Rebel out of his crib and bring him downstairs into the land of the wakeful. When we get to the bottom of the stairs, or round the corner into the living room where Doc awaits, I say in a voice filled with wonder and surprise, “Doc, look who I found in the crib upstairs! Look how cute! He says his name is Rebel, can we keep him?” to which Doc, eyebrows raised, smile on face says, “Sure!…Hiiii Re-bel!” Doc loves a good inside joke, while Rebel (the classic second child) is always happy for extra attention.


“Slow your roll.” This one is used consistently throughout my nannying days, and across the board of ages. Whether there’s a newly pulling up baby, a teetering toddler, or even an older kiddo trying too much too soon (or too fast), this is a much catchier alternative to the mundane, “No!”/ “Don’t!”/ “Stop!”/ “Slow down!”, and delivered in a much more blasé manner; more of a suggestion than a command.


“Do you know what happened to the last little boy who said ‘no’ to me?”  This one is used on any kiddo (though thus far exclusively necessary for those of the male persuasion) who thinks the word “no” is a suitable answer to an honest request or instruction. As I’ve mentioned before, the kiddos test the boundaries of my discipline, and expect me to respond with righteous indignation to rebellion on their parts. Mr. Man and Big Cat were famous for rigorous though not-quite-real refusals to listen/behave, and both cackled with delight with my delivery of this one-liner. Upon my popping a hand on my hip and asking them, “Do you know what happened to the last little boy who said ‘no’ to me?” they would gigglingly ask, “Wha-ha-ha-at?’ to which I replied, “No one does.” This ominous reply (I’m sure gaining rapid momentum of madness by the kiddos’ imagined meanings) is made less so by my winking right after, and the kiddos, newly entertained turn their attentions to the afore-avoided task, and live to laugh another day!


“You’re ok!” Such a simple phrase, that delivers so much comfort. Whether a kiddo is upset, hurt, startled, or otherwise overwhelmed, this one, two word phrase effectively calms him/her down. Most often I say this to kiddos post fall, encouraging them to brush themselves off and move on. Other times it’s used as more of a reassurance than a directive device. Rebel’s mama told me that at times she hears Rebel on the monitor, saying to himself, “You’re ok. You’re ok.” A phrase caught from me, evolved into a self-soothing mantra for him.

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