The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is a wonderful film about family, love, integrity, joy, and, of course, music. It includes life lessons about finding who you are, being true to what is right, following your heart, family comes first, and many others. Besides being my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, not to mention one of my favorite movies of all time, The Sound of Music has provided inspiration for some of my most memorable nannying moments.

Miss Cheryl skipping down “I Have Confidence” road in Salzburg, Austria:) You bet I took the Sound of Music Tour!

Whenever I head to a prospective nannying client’s home for the first time, it has become a tradition of mine to play, and sing along to I Have Confidence. It could be a very nerve-wracking drive to an interview for potential nannying gig. Could be, but has never been for me. I love blasting the lyrics, “Let them bring on all their problems/ I’ll do better than my best!” as it reflects my attitude perfectly. I love finding a set of goals for each family- whether it’s behavioral, social, potty-related, manners as habits, keeping baby on a schedule, or just maintaining the status quo- creating a clear goal for myself with each family narrows my energies and therefore clears my head. My only focus becomes projecting positivity and finding a way to fit their hours of need into my usually jam-packed schedule. I also envision a new friendship between myself and the family, I have had so many good experiences- girlfriend gabbing with moms, talking shop with the dads, and last but definitely not least, the past and present bonds I have formed with the kiddos. It’s exciting to look down at my planner and see a new family listed, along with names and ages for the kiddos, it’s like a brand new office, a new environment, a fresh addition to my days. (Plus, I’ve gotten to the point that I have enough job security that if the children are disrespectful or the folks are difficult to deal with, I can decline future jobs with them. I count my blessings that with the ups and downs of the economy, the demand for Miss Cheryl has never decreased.) So there I am, showing up at the door leading to my next nannying gig, a la Fräulein Maria: earnest, bright-eyed, and full of song!

Fräulein Maria and the kiddos…

…and Miss Cheryl in the same spot in 2007!

The songs from The Sound of Music as well, are linked with great times with the kiddos. The kiddos and I will listen to My Favorite Things, and then after we’ll talk about our own favorite things. Past answers from the kiddos have included: car washes, origami, bubbles, tooth fairy, pink, fishing, cooking, Lady Gaga, hammers, penguins, and swings. Some of Miss Cheryl’s favorites: music, travel, family, my “Mr. Luke’s” eyes, ice cream, pals, my cat Dixie, reading, writing, and of course- nannying. On a particular November evening in 2010 my day’s highlight was driving around with Mr. Man and Big Cat blaring Doe-Ray-Me as we all sang it together. I chose this song, not only because they asked for it by name, but because, in Austin it can take until November for the weather to cool down significantly, and I knew there was a good chance of a deer sighting in the more rural parts of suburbia. (Though, honestly in Austin you can find deer wandering around neighborhoods that are practically downtown.) As luck would have it, I was delighted and the boys were ecstatic to see TEN deer crossing the road in front of my car! What luck! The boys were waving and greeting the deer as we counted them one by one. In past deer excursions we had seen several sitting/standing under trees, a few walking beside the road here and there, but to see so many in such close proximity was so exciting and all three of us obviously gave all the credit to Doe-Ray-Me for summoning them.

I love when I’m able to share something with the kiddos that positively affected me as a child, or that was one of my favorite things, and The Sound of Music is definitely one of them. As an Austin Supernanny, I’ve always found the hill country to be alive with the sound of music!

Salzburg Sound of Music Tour w/ my brother Buddy:) @ the “I am 16 going on 17” gazebo!

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