You Can Count On Me!

If memory serves, my first several years of nannying, or babysitting rather, between the age of 11 and 18, were filled with mistakes. Not having yet developed the valuable skill of time management I was tardy at times(most times), irresponsible simply by inexperience and immaturity (driving kiddos without parental permission. AHHH!!!!!!), and generally clueless, finding my way as a caregiver. When you’re a teenager you have little to no common sense and are still learning to take care of yourself, let alone others. However, I have always had the best intentions, and tried very hard to be helpful and fun. I eventually hit my stride, able to take four kiddos (ranging in age from infant to school age) to and from the pool, and out running errands during the day for one week (Y’all may recall M1,M2,& M3,and M4.)! This achievement was actually my foot in the Austin nannying door; upon hearing I was capable of wrangling four kiddos, for five days, the  Austin mamas knew I was the real McCoy!

The last six years, nannying has not only become my full-time occupation, it has helped shape me into a much more responsible adult. I’ve gone from someone who once slept through a midterm, and was so consistently tardy that her family started telling her that events were scheduled thirty minutes before they were actually set to occur (knowing that even with that cushion she may be late), to a person who is on time, usually early, and who now manages the time of one to five families. This is not to say that I don’t still make mistakes, I do. But to put a spin on the old saying, To err is human, to forgive yourself, divine. And for every mistake I make, a new and valuable wisdom springs up in its place. I’m a Supernanny, not because I am perfect, but because I’m able to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them.
Nannying has been an extremely valuable source of accountability and experience in my life. It has made me a more competent, resourceful, mature person. I feel very blessed to have an occupation that challenges me, and helps me to become a better person. I have built my reputation as a Supernanny on a foundation of dependability, capability, and positivity. In the six years I nannied for Mr. Man and Big Cat, I called in sick a maximum of four times, once I was in the emergency room, once I had the flu, and once I had walking pneumonia. The fourth time, I actually showed up, but the shape I was in was not only one of weakened state therefore not up to the task of nannying, but also a risk to their little immune systems, so I went home. Another time, despite having another debilitating ailment, I worked an evening. Extenuating circumstances such as excess traffic or a storm surge/battery outage knocking out my alarm clock have happened, and will happen, but on a personal level I am confident in my level of reliability, and when I commit to a family, it’s a commitment of my best self. My integrity comes from my love for what I do and whom I do it for. I love the kiddos, and their families, my sense of duty stemming less from obligation and more from my affection. Waking up in the morning after a fitful night’s sleep (or a late night of nannying) rather than ruing the rooster’s call (Juuuust kidding people, I live in the capitol, not the country!), I think of Boss Lady’s smile, Doc’s morning hair, or Rebel’s early morning embrace. I remember that I’m not only hired help but a part of each family’s order, my presence valued. Though diamonds have no value except that which is placed on them, a dependable Supernanny is a family’s crowned jewel!

2 Comments on “You Can Count On Me!”

  1. […] Don’t be ashamed to fall. Jordan made another good point, that if you’re not falling, you’re not learning, or perhaps not pushing yourself enough. And though I didn’t fall this trip (an obvious point of pride, haha.) I have taken plenty of spills in the past. Just as in nannying, after every fall(mistake) a muscle memory (knowledge) develops to prevent the … […]

  2. […] When I’m feeling physically sick, I know that calling in is only an option if I’m contagious or …, but I do get rundown by allergies, long days taking multiple jobs (at times going to four houses in one day!), I sometimes overextend myself; no one’s fault but my own-I do make my own hours. But on these days I’ve found that the kiddos and their parents alike, are very sympathetic to my less than stellar state, their folks offering less active alternatives such as art projects or games instead of trips to the park or errands out of the house. While not feeling like my best self last week having overdone it over the holidays, traveling to three cities and taking on extra nannying hours I was knackered while changing Rebel’s diaper. Once I finished he looked up and said, “You changed my diapa! I’n sa proud a you!” That was all I needed, just a little encouragement and a genuine smile. I gave him an extra big hug then chased him into the living room giggling and energized. […]

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