Keep it Sassy!

In the six (coming up on seven) years I have spent being an Austin Supernanny, I seem to have accumulated mostly male charges. Little dudes seem to be my lot in life, and I love it! But whenever I have the opportunity to have a gal thrown into my kiddo corral, it is quite a treat! I cherish my “Girl Time” with Princess and my Boss Lady dance parties, because it is a chance to be around that girly energy that I rarely get the chance to enjoy. And so, my newest sporadic charge, Sassafras has risen in the ranks as a kiddo to watch!

Sassafras is darling! She’s got that adorable cherubic chubbiness that I so swoon over, and the feisty attitude to back it up! She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and she is not afraid to let you know it! When finished with a meal, or a toy she lets out an unmistakable squawk that tells you, (in a southern drawl of course) “I’m done with my dinner, Miss Cheryl! Time to play, girl! Let’s get goin’!”
On my first few visits to Sassy’s home, she was not havin’ it. A definite mommy and daddy’s girl, I knew I was going to have to work for it. And believe me, once I laid eyes on her beautiful blonde visage, I was up for the task! I patiently played with her, held her, and knew that my persistence would pay off. During bathtime, Sassy’s rebellious nature comes out in her constantly trying to stand up in the tub: a surefire way to hurt herself, and though she was none too pleased with my wrestling her into safe cleanliness, I made it up to her by indulging her in a lavender lotion rub-down to calm her sensitive Southern nerves; her sigh of relief reminiscent of Blanche Dubois after a cool mint julep.

One thing in my complete favor is that Sassy’s dog Izzy, has taken a definite liking to me, and likes me to pet her, talk to her, etc. Though in the beginning Sassafras could take or leave me, she just loves her some Izzy. Unfortunately, as her mama says, “The feeling is not mutual.” And though Sassafras gasps with delight whenever Izzy comes near her, Izzy sighs, disgruntled at Sassy’s presence. Izzy following me around intrigues Sassafras, and I think it has made her realize I’m not all bad.
After fewer visits than I gave myself to win her over, I now gasp with delight when Sassafras rewards my arrival with a smile, knowing I’ll rope and wrangle her, but that I admire her moxie!

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