Baby It’s Cold Out-side!

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Austin has rung in the New Year in typical Texas weather style: in the 70s one day, in the 20s the next. During this uncharacteristically long cold slow clap(as opposed to a cold snap), I spent my days with my charges, trying to find things to do inside.cold4

Sassafras (y’all remember her from this earlier namesake post, Keep it Sassy!) and I caught a few warmer days and were able to take our beloved walks with canine kiddo Izzy, though other days we’ve been out of luck, and switched gears from walking to talking, reading, playing, and Sassy taking long, lingering vapor baths!
As Sassy is a sporadic charge, entertaining her without the outdoor option is easy compared to finding things to do with Doc and Rebel, my 3-full-days-per-week kiddos! There are only so many art projects that will appeal to 3 and 5 year-old boys, and after playing heaps of games, and reading aloud to the brink of laryngitis, I knew at some point, no matter the weather, we would need to venture out. Having so many frigid days in a row tested my powers of imagination and activity, but I’m pleased to say, I managed to wear them both out, totally based on my powers of positivity!

In the mornings, while Doc was in school, Rebel and I made the rounds to coffee shops, book nooks, and anywhere else I thought would be distracting, a learning opportunity, large enough that we could wander (aka burn some ants out of his pants), and hopefully not break our (cash from his mommy & daddy) bank. Rebel was delighted at the changes of scenery from the usual parks and playscapes, and I was more than delighted that he so enjoyed our outings! One surprising hit venue was Office Depot! We went there for paper and stayed for the many colorful and labyrinthine aisles! After getting “lost” enough times that I saw Rebel’s wretchedly pent up energy begin to wane, we checked out, leaving with only the paper we came for. (Another Office Depot perk? No kiddo begs for anything from there unless they have a penchant for post-its.)

A few times, and always after his broaching then begging(with a 3 year-old the time between broaching and begging is miniscule), we spent snack time at, in Rebel’s words, “Missa Luke and I house”, aka Mr. Luke and my house. Both he and Doc, who on his morning off from school joins us, love having snack out on our bedroom balcony, front row for squirrels and birds, bicyclists(unicyclists as the case may be–we live in serious Keep Austin Weird territory), and looking at all of our books, belongings, etc. In addition we have two rather whimsical guest rooms, “The Bird Room” and “The Wes Anderson Room”, that are filled with very kiddo-awing objets d’us. They love these rooms especially, and usually want to be read out of a children’s book, look at a collection, or muse about the possibility of a future sleepover. The time at our home is always punctuated by very sincere, “This is my favorite house ever!”s and, “I love this, Mrs.Cheryl!”s, which just goes to show how well the kiddos know me: flattery will get you everywhere!

Wes Anderson-themed guest room:)

Wes Anderson-themed guest room:)


Every kiddo wants to stay in Mrs. Cheryl’s “Bird Room”:)

On too brrrrrrr-for-balcony cold days they have snack at our dining room table, and snack is accompanied by whatever juice Mr. Luke and I have, usually something the kiddos find exotic-Ruby Red, Cranberry, Limeade.  After what seems like a few minutes and several climbs up and down the stairs, an hour or more has passed and it’s time for us to return to their abode for lunch and the afternoon routine! Morning conquered, and we pray for a warmer afternoon and hope for the best!

Doc and Rebel, my 2 sidekicks helping me battle indoor boredom!

Doc and Rebel, my 2 sidekicks helping me battle indoor boredom!

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