A Rhyme Works Every Time!


When trying to teach the kiddos something, or snap them out of an attitude that needs adjusting, I often take a cue from Dr. Seuss (and poets everywhere) and rhyme out to avoid the need for a time out.

  • For a lesson in congestion etiquette for Rebel (who during cold and flu season seems to have his little index finger firmly rooted in a nostril at all times) I touted my now much beloved by him jingle: “Get that fin-ger outta that nose!/ In that nose is not where it goes!” Though now mostly past this bad habit, at times Rebel will catch my eye and pretend to begin picking, just to hear me liltingly lecture him.
  • Taking a literal page from Green Eggs and Ham, I try my hand as the proverbial Sam I  Am when trying to coax the kiddos into eating something: “Would you eat them in a barrel?/Will you eat one for Miss Cheryl?” Once they stop laughing, they’ll generally take a bite/sip of the afore-hated item.green-eggs-and-ham
  • Rhymes can be short and sweet, like my admonishing Doc and Rebel in a public restroom after washing their hands (as they have the tendency to then run their hands over ever germ-filled surface) “Try not to touch, tooooo much!”
  • The rhyming tactic works on inter-sibling relations as well. When one older sibling berated his younger (who was trying to help with an art project) with a sharply spoken, “You’re being a lazy nuisance!” I retorted back with, “No one asked for your two cents!” To which they both cracked smiles and continued painting/pasting in peace.
  • One day when Rebel was experiencing the full spectrum of human emotion (per three minutes) I decided it was time to crack that attitude by getting Rebel to crack a smile. I cocked my head to the side and inquired, “Hey moody Judy, how’s that boo-ty?” This immediately got a giggle and he went from sourpuss to happy baby, laughing so hard tears came to his little eyes! He began egging me on to subsequent variations such as, “Hey moody Judy, how’s that tooty fruity?” or “Hey moody Peggy, how’s that leg-gy?” I began to involve him in the fun by starting the rhyme: “Hey moody Rosy, how’s that…” to which he furrowed his brow before coming up with, “Nose-y!” Aaand, as Mary Poppins says, “Snap! The job’s a game!”tumblr_m74ubmEaAS1r5rurmo1_r1_400

2 Comments on “A Rhyme Works Every Time!”

  1. Aspen says:

    BT Dubs, Jett told me yesterday that you used magic to change Mav’s diaper. So to him, you’re are the wizard of nannies. Congrats!

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