LOL! and a LOT!

During my time as a certified kiddo tamer I have been, and am, privy to laughter ranging from baby’s first giggle to (almost) full-grown, full-on guffaws from the “big kids”. Though not always delivered in the most mannerly of ways, their laughter is a delight!

Some impolite instances of laughter being delivered have included two boys laughing so hard at one of Miss Cheryl’s antics that they both very literally peed the bathtub. (In the industry, I call this “glee pee”.) Now although it was quite a cleanup, it was HILARIOUS! I found that the time invested draining, rinsing, and refilling the tub was worth the precious seconds of laughter reverberating off its sides.

Then there is the always possible, and at mealtimes when the kiddos and I are feeling particularly silly, probable threat of milk erupting from a nose. It is one of the clear and present dangers of my profession. (Jack Ryan has terrorists- I have dairy expelled from nostrils.)


Even if the laughter is delivered in the realm of politeness, it’s never predictable! A five year-old got going giggling so hard that all he could sputter between bouts of hilarity was, “I can’t breathe!” Doc, though while in the throes of a giggle fit can say nothing, when he does regain his speech almost always says, “Cheryl(he dropped the ‘Miss’ within weeks of our meeting) you are the silliest nanny I have ever seen!”

Laughter is an interesting paradox, while it seems to be unstoppably contagious, it can also be the best medicine! So there y’all have ‘em: some of my favorite examples of one of my favorite sounds in the world from the lips of some of my favorite little people.

For funniest laughing baby, go here:

For funniest laughing baby, go here:

2 Comments on “LOL! and a LOT!”

  1. Aspen says:

    Doc’s stomach is so sensitive that he use to throw up all the time (and by sensitive I don’t mean by what he eats). If he would laugh to hard, cry to long or hiccup for over two minutes, you were gonna see a reappearance whatever it was he ate for his last meal. Good times.

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