What Can You Do?


Kiddos’ bodies are still a mystery to them, capable of many surprises. The discovery and intrigue of their corporal containers leads the kiddos to many a revelation. I encourage them to view their bodies as vessels of endless ability!

Just the other day while sitting at the table with Doc and Rebel I was showing them how I could wink. They both gave it a shot. Both blinked but the seed has been planted. Then I whistled for them, and tried teaching them both, though it ended up becoming more of a spitting contest. I can raise my left eyebrow by itself so I showed them that little trick then they both tried raising their eyebrows, together then one at a time. Doc was thisclose to raising his right eyebrow; so far Rebel can only raise his eyebrows when genuinely surprised or interested. They were thus far enjoying these tactile tests and so I continued asking them to try to pat their heads and rub their tummies at the same time. This is a classic crowd pleaser, as they don’t understand why they can’t do different actions with different hands. Until a certain age this seems to elude most kiddos. I remember back to when I was first able to master the pat your head, rub your tummy challenge. It was as if I’d been given the keys to my own kingdom! Coordination at last!


As I fancy myself more physically aware and in charge of myself than my charges, I often use my skills to entertain the kiddos; for instance, flipping my long hair upside down, then swaying my head from side to side like flaps at a carwash over the kiddos’ heads, tickling their cheeks and noses. And speaking of noses…I can play mine. Yes, you heard right. I am a grown woman, who plays her nose for kiddos. I’m loud and proud! I put my left index finger, closing my left nostril, then let the right one flare as I hum a tune (The theme from old school cartoon BLUE HAWAII is my go-to), and tap the right one in time to the music. (The kiddos never seem to catch on that I’m humming and think the tune is coming out of my nose as if it were a music box.) It gets the kiddos laughing every time, and they are all dying to try it. Now I must warn moms, dads, and nannies alike, I DO NOT recommend teaching this gem during cold/flu season, unless you like your clothing with a side of snot. I learned that the hard way my first year of nannying. See? I do the dirty(and I mean DIRTY) work, so you don’t have to! Just one of the things I can do!

4 Comments on “What Can You Do?”

  1. nannypology says:

    My kiddos love it when I use my hair to get them… The baby runs around yelling “tickle hairy!” Kinda weird, but ok!!

  2. Aspen says:

    I laughed so hard when you played your nose for us in the car the other day! It was awesome!

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