When it comes to math, Miss Cheryl is about as duped as a kiddo first trying to tie his/her shoes. However, there is one area of math in which I excelled: statistics. I made a good grade in my high school statistics class(due in large part, if not completely to my teacher, Dr. B), and went on to do well in my Psychology major Statistics class at Texas State. I think when math is the means to a cause an effect relationship end—something other than numbers—it’s easier for me to wrap my head around it.

Because of this past with math, when approached by parents to explain or respond to certain kiddo behaviors, I answer from a statistical standpoint. For example, some kiddos love bathtime, other kiddos detest it. I’ve found after years of experience with tens of kiddos that it is about a 50/50 toss-up with bath, diaper changes, and car rides.

El Fuego went through a phase when he HATED diaper changes...

El Fuego went through a phase when he HATED diaper changes…

For every child who cries when water goes over his/her head, there is an equal number who love bathtime, basking in the bubbles. There are just as many kiddos who babble and chatter while having their bottoms powdered as there are those who squirm and scream when it’s time for a diaper change. And while 50% of kiddos loathe car rides, long or short, and loading them in and out is tantamount to a torture chamber, there’s the other half who love to look out the window, and whose folks’ most foolproof tactic for inducing slumber is a nice soothing drive around the block.

I encourage parents not to stress over which percent their child falls in, reminding them that with increase in age comes changes of heart and what may enrage them now, may just win them over next month. And while I’ve seldom found a child who dislikes baths, changes, and car rides, I pity the parents who fall into that unlucky percentage. After all, kiddo behaviors are a crap shoot…no pun intended. 😉

But is a fan of bathtime:)

But is a fan of bathtime:)

2 Comments on “50/50”

  1. nannypology says:

    You are exactly right!!! This is 100% science here people… And if your kid likes all 3? We don’t wanna hear about it 😉

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