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Our list continues with Dream Animals, by Emily Winfield Martin. Martin’s imaginative story and whimsical artwork include a diverse cast of characters, all spending their dozing hours with magical creatures in their dreams. Martin’s illustrations continue to be mindful, with visual representation of all races. This is important because when it comes to babies and toddlers, who they see is key!

My kiddo’s favorite animal is the narwhal and he loves the little black girl depicted snuggling with her stuffed narwhal, “just like me!” Because he has a common bond with the character as a toddler, when he is older and we talk about white privilege, his understanding of how unfair it is that the “narwhal girl” will be treated worse than him because she is black will be heightened on a personal level. I want him to feel protective of his friends, starting with the imaginary ones… 🦊🦁🐦🦄🐳🐅🐈🦕🌜

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“Narwhal girl having tea with Mama!” -my kiddo.

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