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     I bought this book for my kiddo as a St. Patrick’s Day treat; considering we were already in quarantine by then, my timing was (accidentally) perfect! With so much more time spent staying home because of COVID-19, Home, by Carson Ellis, is more relevant than ever! The dwellings range from rural to urban, intricate to imaginary, moving through time and space! The cast of characters are from all different places and all different races. Home illustrates the differences in people’s homes, while emphasizing the ways each one is special!


     It’s fun to talk to my kiddo about an apartment in a big city, life on a tour bus, a house in the country, home offices, and of course all the make believe and creature residences! Expanding your child’s worldview and explaining other people’s way of life & place in it is a helpful way to show them more of our world without leaving home.

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