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Today’s book is another from the Little People Big Dreams collection. This one chronicles the life, and work, of Martin Luther King Jr. written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara & illustrated by Mai Ly Degnan .

We see Martin living in the daily injustices of segregation, his inspiration through his church to speak up and out against racism, and his evolution from man of God to spokesman of black people. His peaceful forms of protest, friendship with Rosa Parks(my kiddo was very excited to see her name in this book! “Wow! They’re friends!”), and the impact of his words are all illustrated and explained so that children will understand.

Having black role models is very important. This book is a great way to inspire families to diversify who pops into our children’s minds when they hear the words “leader” or “speaker”, “brave” or “intelligent”. As a child, my entire class memorized the “I Have a Dream” speech and recited it together. The gravity, relevance, and hope of those words remains and my kiddo will learn it as well, the words of “Martin man”.


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