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Our next book’s author received the Nobel Peace Prize! Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a champion of justice, equality, and peace. His book, God’s Dream, is a spiritual reminder of celebrating our differences, including race and religion, and letting our common bonds be love and forgiveness.

      The story follows children of all creeds and cultures as they play, share, and learn from each other, and shows both conflict and resolution. Illustrator LeUyen Pham gives a visual representation of Tutu’s words of unity, respect, and above all- love. The children’s faces are all very expressive and we can see what the world looks like through their eyes.

      This is a wonderful addition to any child’s library. Our world is comprised of so many different cultures and beliefs, and this book highlights all of that diversity, showcasing our differences as colors in the same rainbow! It is up to us to make God’s dream a reality for ALL of his children! 


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