Supernanny Icon: Jessa Johansson

Jessa Johansson

Now, today’s series spotlight choice, Jessa Johansson, may come as a surprise to any of y’all who are familiar with this character on HBO’s Girls. Jessa (played by the luminous Jemima Kirke) is unreliable, curses, loses the kiddos at one point, and ends up having an inappropriate flirtation with the father of her charges (I won’t even get into the debauchery of her off-duty shenanigans, though if you’re a fan of the show, you already well know!). So, no, she is not an obvious candidate for Supernanny Icon status, (In all honesty, she’s not even someone I would refer as a nannying contact.) but hear me out, as there are traits of hers that I find to be: at the most admirable, and at the least amusing. Read the rest of this entry »