You Can Count On Me!

If memory serves, my first several years of nannying, or babysitting rather, between the age of 11 and 18, were filled with mistakes. Not having yet developed the valuable skill of time management I was tardy at times(most times), irresponsible simply by inexperience and immaturity (driving kiddos without parental permission. AHHH!!!!!!), and generally clueless, finding my way as a caregiver. When you’re a teenager you have little to no common sense and are still learning to take care of yourself, let alone others. However, I have always had the best intentions, and tried very hard to be helpful and fun. I eventually hit my stride, able to take four kiddos (ranging in age from infant to school age) to and from the pool, and out running errands during the day for one week (Y’all may recall M1,M2,& M3,and M4.)! This achievement was actually my foot in the Austin nannying door; upon hearing I was capable of wrangling four kiddos, for five days, the  Austin mamas knew I was the real McCoy! Read the rest of this entry »