Feelin’ Good Again


For all “boo-boo”s I have kissed and made better, for all the frowns I’ve turned upside-down, and for those cloudy days I’ve brought a bit of sunshine to, there are many moments in my life that have been made better by the kiddos. Nannying, at times, has been the only way a truly terrible day has been made better.

Nannying helps lift the fog of a bad day in many ways, for instance: I’m a big believer that if you act a certain way, eventually you will feel that way. Fake it til you make it, if you will. I preach this to the kiddos and I practice it in my own life. When I’m tired, or upset, but have nannying to do, I pretend I’m bright-eyed and happy, and I’ve found that as the day goes on, I really do feel better about things. I don’t have the luxury of keeping my emotions/personality separate from my occupation. I can’t hide in a cubicle or duck into an office. My personality and feelings make me the person parents want to hire, my smiles and positivity are what appeal to the kiddos; my optimism is something I maintain to keep my reputation. Nobody wants a grumpy nanny who complains about her day, they want someone perky who will lift the spirits of their household, and so I put my personal self on a shelf, and I’ve found it beneficial on many days as I head home feeling much better than I did heading to the kiddos’ that morning.


Having nannied Mr. Man and Big Cat for six years, we went through many ups and downs together. One dip for me was years ago when I was heartbroken, and to make matters worse, sleepless for days. I can’t tell y’all how amazing it was to go to work and be greeted with hugs from Mr. Man and Big Cat when I arrived. Those hugs upon arrival did more for me in the seconds they happened, than anything I had tried in days. They have always been good at giving me some extra attention when needed and this time was no exception. I admitted to them that I was very sad and had not been sleeping, and like the little sweethearts that they are, both were better behaved, more affectionate, more helpful, attentive even to the point of rubbing my back while I crouched down to pick up something I had clumsily dropped (whenever I’m sad I lose coordination, I swear!) and telling me it was ok. They noticed a marked change in me for the good after about a week, my Supernanny sparkle returning, and Mr. Man asked me in the car one day, “Miss Cheryl, are you not sad anymore?” to which I replied, looking into the rearview mirror at him, his face nervous waiting for the verdict, “I am feeling much better, Mr. Man. You and Big Cat have been so sweet and so good, even better than usual the past week, and it has made me feel so much better. Thank you.” His brow relaxed, and a smile of pride blossomed on his face. “Oh, you’re welcome,” he blushed as he nodded sidelong at a listening Big Cat who then piped in, “Good.” Any other job I would have had to explain to coworkers or make excuses, but as a nanny I could just be myself, and the kiddos knew just what to do.

When I’m feeling physically sick, I know that calling in is only an option if I’m contagious or incapable. I’m very rarely either, but I do get rundown by allergies, long days taking multiple jobs (at times going to four houses in one day!), I sometimes overextend myself; no one’s fault but my own-I do make my own hours. But on these days I’ve found that the kiddos and their parents alike, are very sympathetic to my less than stellar state, their folks offering less active alternatives such as art projects or games instead of trips to the park or errands out of the house. While not feeling like my best self last week having overdone it over the holidays, traveling to three cities and taking on extra nannying hours I was knackered while changing Rebel’s diaper. Once I finished he looked up and said, “You changed my diapa! I’n sa proud a you!” That was all I needed, just a little encouragement and a genuine smile. I gave him an extra big hug then chased him into the living room giggling and energized.

With my Mr. Luke erstwhile at sea 6 months out of the year, there are certain days, the first few after he leaves especially when I am very blue. After seeing him every day for four weeks, the transition to life sans man for one month (even after three years together) is still difficult. Doc and Rebel adore Mr. Luke, or as Rebel calls him, “Missa Luke”, and when I tell them that he went back to work on the ship, they both frown and sigh, “Ooo-oh,” almost as disappointed as I am. The parents, moms especially are always very sympathetic upon Luke’s departure, and their sweet concern always makes me feel a lot better. Much like the kiddos, sometimes I just need someone to feel sorry for me.


I love my job so much. There are too many ways to name, that nannying has been good for me. It’s made me a more mature, well-rounded person. It’s helped me decide what kind of mother I want to be, and the types of people I want to surround myself with. And at times it’s been the reason I’ve gotten back to feelin’ good again.


2 Comments on “Feelin’ Good Again”

  1. Aspen says:

    My favorite line: “Missa Luke”. So awesome.

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