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It’s never too early to start reading and talking to your kiddo about anti-racism and inclusion. Black Lives Matter(!!!), and as a white person I want to be and raise allies. Anti-racism is the goal, and inclusion is a good starting place for babies & toddlers. I consider Strictly No Elephants, written by Lisa Mantchev & illustrated by Taeeun Yoo, to be a new classic, and an excellent example in dealing with topics such as ignorance, prejudice, inclusion, support, and forgiveness, and includes an ethnically diverse cast of characters. The story follows a little boy and his pet 🐘 who are not allowed at Pet Club Day because of an arbitrary “STRICTLY NO ELEPHANTS” rule.

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The boy meets a young black girl and her pet 🦨 who have also been excluded. The two friends form an all-inclusive club so that their pets, and all pets, can have a fun place to play. And when the children who originally excluded them come around, they welcome them.

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So many good lessons about loyalty and standing up for your friends when they are treated unfairly, forming your own support system, and forgiving those who apologize and change. I gifted this to my child even before I gave birth. He is almost 3 now, and feel it is one of the most important books we read, not to mention one of his favorites. Highly recommend! Pick up a curbside copy from @bookpeople if you’re local or refer to my ⬛️  @yallbehave Instagram post for list of black-owned bookstores- many are online/ship!

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  1. […] NO Elephants is especially special because it was also featured as the first book in my A Good Place To Start Series, because of its essential lesson to include everyone, and make spaces that do just that. The […]

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